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Amy Shark im Interview

Kurz bevor das 2. Studioalbum "Cry Forever" von der australischen Amy Shark rauskam, hatte ich die Möglichkeit, ihr ein paar Fragen diesbezüglich zu stellen. Ihr erstes Album "Love Monster" übertraf alle Erwartungen. Sie räumte mehrere renommierte Preise dafür ab und bekam daraufhin eine Anfrage von dem größten Singer-Songwriter überhaupt - Ed Sheeran.

Auf "Cry Forever" lässt die Sängerin die Zuhörer:innen ganz nah an ihren intimsten Gedanken. Im Sommer darf sie diese bereits wieder live mit ihren Fans ins Australien teilen. Dort sind Live-Konzerte unter bestimmten Bedingungen bereits wieder möglich. Bis sie nach Deutschland kommt, dauert es wahrscheinlich noch ein wenig. Bis dahin könnt ihr euch die Zeit mit diesem Interview vertrieben.

With your first album you had a really big success and even got some important awards for it. Were you afraid before creating the 2nd album that it wouldn't live up to the first?

To be honest I didn't really think about it. I started writing this album by accident. I was on my European tour actually and it was freezing cold and there were a few things going on in my personal life that I needed to write about so the album came very easily.

How did your life change after the huge success of your first album?

Life just got busier and I had to find a healthy balance of work and personal life. I have some really good people in my life now and in my team so everything feels really great. The first time in a long time.

From which artists did you draw inspiration for "Cry Forever"?

I actually try not to listen to too much music when i'm on a writing binge, i just listen back to my own demos alot to try to perfect the song. But i guess i listened to Lana Del Rey and Kasey Musgraves a lot while i was on tour.

Was the source of inspiration this time different in comparison to your first album?

there are still some topics from the past that leak into my songs but there are also brand new topics and characters that feature in this album. The inspiration was simply - my life, like usual. For this one a lot of the songs are about me becoming Amy Shark. The high and lows of it all.

What is the biggest difference in general on "Cry forever" compared to your first album?

I think the stripped back production is the most obvious difference but i also think i'm a more confident songwriter and artist now. I think you can hear that in therecord.

I saw that you got a home studio for the album. Where do you get inspiration from when you're at home all day?

I was lucky to be able to build a studio in my house. It was really fun to be home recording the album. a tiny bit of stockholm syndrome hahabut a great experience. All the songs were written by the time i went to build the studio so i was lucky i didn't really need any inspiration while at home.

What are your favorite situations to write songs in?

i never really know what i'm going to write about. I have plenty of issues to cherry pick from though haha.

What feeling do you want to express the most to your listeners?

probably just real honest stories and emotion. All i want is for my songs to make people feel something. i want to make them feel alive.

For "Cry Forever" you had the opportunity to work with Ed Sheeran, what was your first thought when you got the news?

He emailed me and my first thought was that it was probably one of my friends playing a trick on me!

Is there a secret favorite song on the album?

i love them all but a secret fav might be 'Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again' ? if i HAD to choose.

You already have incredible features on your second album, Keith Urban and Travis Baker. But they are all men. If you could ask for a female feature on the next album, who would it be?

Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette or Missy Elliott

Your album is coming out 4/30/21. Any plans on what you're going to do on that day?



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